Born on January 1st 1951 in Rekjavik, Iceland. The son of a taxi driver and a fish factory worker, Biggi Gunn was a dreamer, and had plans to lead I life much different than that of his parents. His love for music began at a young age. At the age of 14 he started his own band in which he sang and played the drums. He participated in school plays and when he was able, and he and his band would play at dances and events in small surrounding towns and soon all over Iceland. At the age of 30 he made his move to America where his younger brother resided. He has lived in southern California ever since. To hone his vocal skills, he studied opera and musical theater with a private teacher and through the next few years after making his move to America, Biggi formed many bands, with music genres ranging from jazz to rock to classic Icelandic favorites. In 2008 he released his first album “I was younger then” then just one year later in 2009 he released his second album “on the sunny side”. This year he is releasing his 3rd album, and although it reflects his first musical works, this album differs slightly. It is all in Icelandic. American favorites translated into Icelandic, so that he can share the great American songbook and all the music he loves with his people. Biggi will be making his debut performance of his new album at club Rosenberg in Iceland on November 10th 2012. Biggi has several more projects up his sleeves and plans to continue his musical career for as long as he can.